Fk8td GEN 2 High Flow Fuel assembly (optional basket)

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Generation 2 updates are a new regulator assembly, relocated venturi to allow more to the primary feed increasing fuel by another 5 percent and a check valve to prevent drain back which also helps regulate the venturi to perfect amount.  In testing the system almost as much flow as the 525 would in previous assembly but without the need for adding a high-power relay. Lastly it makes the assembly slightly more compact.

This increases pressure and flow during the highest demands which helps the high-pressure pump send not only more fuel, but more consistent fuel flow to the injectors, which can even reduce injector duty cycle. Even if you are running a dw300c currently this will increase your fuel output.

Tired of having to deal with the factory low pressure fuel system and filter failures? Is a return system too much money for your set up with too much complication to install?

We have come up with a fantastic solution that not only does not require fuel additional fuel lines to be run but can support 650whp on E50 while using a Dw300c. This system can be sold with or without fuel pump and we offer both a DW300c and a Walbro 450 option to support 700whp while using our 6an tank feed line. Fk8 fuel feed tank line – ( The regulator we use is significantly larger and can control fuel pressure far more accurately. Our regulator set does NOT require any setting and is set to the correct feed pressure the factory ecu demands This allows a larger Walbro 450 without the use of an external fuel regulator that would require custom mounting and return set up. Also, these pumps do NOT require high powered relays which would add to the complexity and cost. If you already have a DW300c  you can reuse your fuel pump.

As you see in the photos the extremely small pass-through the factory system uses become a very significant restriction. The upgraded Venturi system ensures that the fuel bucket is full and fuel starvation is reduced drastically. This design also allows more capacity because the large plastic assembly is removed adding to larger fuel capacity reducing the need for an external surge tank. The inline filter is 30 micron and is serviceable and is ethanol rated stainless steel internal filter with a recommended service interval of 30,000 miles. A higher flowing inline filter screen option can be added, or the inline filter can be easily deleted to allow even more flow and using a secondary larger filter up at the front of the car.


One very huge benefit besides more flow is the accuracy of fuel control actually makes tuning the XDI pump on Hondata more consistent and more accurate. This is because the factory ecu cannot read the feed pressure and does its calculations off of an expected inlet feed pressure. Here at Fk8td we understand the background calculations more than our competitors do. Check out our custom e-tune service. E-tune Service READ DESCRIPTION FIRST – (



A secondary large filter is only suggested as extra insurance but not a requirement. These need to be made on a case-by-case basis. If you use a walbro 525 you may have higher fuel pressure at idle and this will require a high power relay which complicates install and adds cost. This is NOT recommended but can be done. Unless you are aiming for over 700whp you do not need a walbro 525





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