Any item that had been modified from its original condition is not refundable. Any item that has been installed on the vehicle is not refundable. This includes items such as fuel lines. You can not ship items that gasoline and other automotive fuels have been through in normal mail. They are considered hazardous waste. There is a 20 percent restocking fee for all items and the customer must pay return shipping. Shipping and tax are not refundable.

Please remember these policies are put in place in order to keep it fair for all customers. In order to schedule for a tune you must pay for the tune in advance. If there is an issue with the car and you need finish at a later time there will be an additional fee of 250 dollars to finish tuning. When rescheduling you must give 72 hours notice or a rescheduling fee of 250 dollars will be required in order to proceed. If you wish to cancel your tune before the 72 hours 200 dollars will be deducted from the original purchase, no exceptions. If you cancel after the 72 hour deadline the tune purchase is forfeit. We do not expect you to go to work for free so please do not ask us to work for free. If a pre inspection data log has been sent the process has begun and the deposit is applied to it. You can not cancel after that point. We don’t expect you to work for free and we will not either. It’s not fair to spend hours of time away from my other customers.

Any cylinder head work is not refundable so be completely certain you want the work performed.

Any orders that fail will require an additional 24-48 hours of processing. Credit card processing must clear first before shipment is sent. All credit card cancellations will automatically deduct the fee. We do not control this fee so be mindful of your purchases.

Always enter a valid email and phone number so we can contact you in the event there is a delay in the ability to ship the product.

Any purchases done through credit card that are refunded will have the credit card fee taken out of the refund regardless of when the refund occurs. The company that controls the credit card transactions immediately takes the fee out regardless of order status.

In order for a return process to be started you must send a picture of the product in new condition. This does not mean this is full return approval. The product must be inspected upon return. If the item shows wear or use the refund will not be approved. The customer must pay for shipping to return the product to the customer. If the shipping is not paid within 30 days the customer forfeits the product.

Coupons and sale items can not be combined. In the event a transaction has allowed a combined coupon with sale price the sale will be void and the money will be returned.

All maf housing order are special order and are 20 percent restocking fee. All fuel system cancellations are a 20 percent cancellation fee.

All returns are subject to approval and all products are tested and proven to work and be valid to each application.

Any product that is a special order item and is not normally stocked directly is a 20 percent cancellation fee.