Fk8 fuel feed tank line




For those looking to upgrade from the stock tank line to full 6an look no further. This line is the best if what’s available. The inside is extruded conductive PTFE. It’s infused with carbon to stop electrostatic build up possibilities. The outside is coated with DuPont Hytrel barrier. This barrier withstands the harshest conditions. This type of line was chosen because the line is under the car which puts it at risk for damage. Between the Hytrel, stainless steel braiding, and conductive ptfe it will e d up outlasting the car. These lines are also more flexible than normal ptfe.

The one end for the tank is a simple push quick connect and a 5/16 quick connect adapter to oem feed and you must use your oem feed if you are going to not use a flex  fuel kit which  is included so you can attach to the oem line or any flex fuel kit you currently have. If you already have 6an flex fuel line upgrade you can simply just connect directly to your line.

Run the line parallel to your oem ones. Make sure to remove the shields to install properly. It is suggested to run the line up through by the brake booster like oem lines. Do not use a lot of pressure installing  the line onto the factory fuel pump hat. The line connects easily.

Flex fuel sensor, union fittings and the high pressure fuel pump line are not included. Only the line from the tank to the front of the car.



NOTE: it will take a few key cycles to fully fill this line at first. It is significantly larger than factory and holds more fuel. You may get a low rail pressure code just clear it ones the line is full and all the air is out of the line.

Additional information

Weight 200 oz
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 200 mm


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