Accord High flow fuel line service/exchange




A 75 dollar core will be returned upon receiving your oem line in good condition.

If you want the most when running flex fuel without adding supplementary fuel this line is your only answer!! We are the only ones to fully machine an oem line to ensure oem quality and unlike our competitors our line is proven to flow more over any hand modified line.

Since there is a shortage of high pressure lines I am offering a line modification services. Ship your oem line from your vehicle to us and we will do the same modifications as done to our brand new oem lines. Hand drilling your high pressure fuel line will not give you the maximum benefit. Our proprietary method has shown as much as 10 percent pump duty cycle reduction compared to our competition. Bore size, smoothness, and bore exit tapers matter.

    You are responsible for shipping your line and we are not liable for any damages occurred before the line arrives here. You must add your own shipping insurance when shipping the package here and the fee must be paid before any service is done. This is NOT refundable. I can only ship it back as fast as you ship it to me. Due to the value and lack of availability of each line return shipping insurance is included in the price. No exceptions. I will only ship back to he address provided during purchase of the service. No exceptions. All lines are modified to a proprietary size. No exceptions. We do not use standard drill bits. It’s NOT  1/16 or 5/64 or 3/32.

***after 30 days labor will be non refundable****

*** any line sent in and modified is NOT refundable regardless*** no exceptions**


The shipping address is

Fk8 Tuning and Development

11109 highway 707 Unit C

Murrells Inlet, South Carolina 29576

Includes return shipping

We are not responsible for shipping delays so please do not contact us if there is shipping delay. Please contact the shipping service you used.


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