Fk8td 1330cc Injector oem spray pattern

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I have made as much as 576whp on these exact injectors running e50!!!

OEM reliability and OEM styel spray pattern!

Hondata FSU is a Great upgrade for many cars. However the high pressure fuel pump still limits the fuel system. Many have chosen to upgrade to the Xtreme DI fuel pump knowing that it is a higher volume pump upgrade. While Hondata fuel system high pressure pump limits the power output to approximately 470whp on e50 blend the injectors still have about another 50whp of room. So for those who want the same injector in the Hondata FSU but want to run the Xtreme DI fuel pump this is for you. You no longer have to spend almost 3000 dollars and an additional 1600on an Xtreme DI pump to get you to 530+whp on e50. Pair these with one of our fuel line upgrades and you are good to 600whp on race gas using and an XDI fuel pump.


These are the same as hondata.


*Professional Tuning required*

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Weight 100 oz
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 300 mm


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