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The 250 is an appointment deposit

Hondara Tuning forCAMSHAFTS AND 2000cc Injectors available .

Check out THIS LINK about us tuning Honda Pro Jason’s Tr2 cam swapped Fl5!


Pricing varies depending on your upgrades and if you want dyno time.
Tuning total price starts at 500 and up to 850 without dyno time. Adding split second port controller is an additional tune fee due to separate ecu.

500 is  base price,

upgraded turbo add 50

cams add 100

ported head add 50

flex fuel add 50

methanol add 50

Dyno time is an additional 250. Unless you are going to a different dyno of your choice

5/7/22 33psi 707whp first over 700 on flashpro no nitrous tr2 cams

8/14/22 35psi 757whp limited by turbine housing on tr2 cams first over 750 on flashpro. no nitrous

9/7/22 34 psi 762whp limited by software constraints tr2 cams first to hondata software limits at that time. no nitrous


5/6/23    First G-series turbo over 800 at 843whp while spinning tires on the dyno. This was on motec using G35-1050. With 2500cc prototype injectors. Here’s link to Instagram. Highest hp internal gate turbo on Fk8. No nitrous.


7/20/22 620whp tr2 cams g30-770 stock bottom end record on DI only


     The shop car has Xtreme Di 2000cc injectors. fk8td ported manifold, fk8td 6an fuel lines, fk8td high pressure fuel line, fk8td ported head, fk8td modified oiling system, long block built by fk8td, Hondata dw300c intank pump, g30-900 rampage turbo kit, TR2 CAMS, Custom intercooler, and a few other custom touches. No motec no nitrous.

Stock block DI record G30-770 rampage turbo kit, xdi 2000cc injectors, ultimate racing intercooler, front pipe, dw300c in tank, fr8td 6an fuel lines and tuned by us here FK8TD.com. no motec no nitrous

If you want to get ahead of the curve its time to see us for your FK8. We provide tuning for ported cylinder head with cams on HONDATA and the car drives as clean as stock!!

Specialization in Fk8 and Fl5 Civic Type R, Accord 2.0, and Civic Si

ALL TUNES ARE FOR OFF OFF-ROAD USE ONLY. It is the owners responsibility to abide by the law. Any modification and tuning increases stress on components beyond the original design. All tuning exceeds factory limitations and has inherent risks.

Any cancellations require a notification 72 hours in advance. If there is an issue with the vehicle in order to finish the tune of another day there will be an additional charge of $250. Please make sure that your vehicle is in working order. If your come here, we are willing to do a boost leak test for $50 and a total pre-inspection for $105 in person. This is not available from remote tuning and can only be done in person. This often find problems before you put the car in the dyno and spend the extra money.

***Please read policies page for additional details***

The balance is not paid before tuning, tuning will not begin and you forfeit the deposit.

******If you share any data log information with any other tuner or persons during the process  all tuning is stopped, and money is forfeit regardless of progress.*****