Fk8 Fl5 GEN 2 High Flow Fuel Line




Thanks to additional development the next generation line is here.
Better controlled fuel pulsation and the same great flow.

The next generation line was created with future fuel pumps in mind. Soon enough there will be larger flow direct injection options for pumps and this will allow higher pressures running larger injectors like 2000cc. In order to maximize this with best fuel atomization an evolution had to be made to the line to further dampen the pulsations created by the pumping action of a direct injection pump.  We DO NOT USE 1/16th or 5/64. This is a custom size of which we do not disclose.


Data has shown as much as 10 percent pump duty cycle decrease due to our design compared to hand drilling. We use a proprietary boring method which leaves a smooth bore. The taper also aid in fuel flow out of the high pressure line into the fuel rail. To get the most out of your fuel system you will need to up grade the high pressure line running from the HPFP to the fuel rail. These lines are modified brand new OEM Honda fuel lines. Extra care is taken to make sure that flow is as high as possible while allowing proper fuel pump control. This includes adding an optimal dual angled taper at the opening of the fuel line. Each fuel line is bored to a specific size with a special boring tool. This ensures a smooth finish allowing the least restriction and maintaining a size conducive to proper high pressure pump function. We have tested many designs and sizes in order to create the best possible result. If you want the most out of your high pressure fuel pump look no further.



Due to the lack of availability Shipping insurance is now included in the price no exceptions. This is to safeguard you as the customer.







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Weight 100 oz
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 200 mm


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