Fk8 Fl5 Ported Intake Manifold



Ported Intake Manifold.


Fk8td can manage  a whopping 34% increase in port area while still maintaining structural integrity of the manifold. Tested to 45 psi of boost without failure.

614whp on a g25-660 would not have been possible without it.

Just like a ported head a ported intake manifold is part of the equation. The step down due to the difference in port size creates turbulence reducing airflow it doesn’t matter of your stock turbo or built engine with a turbo upgrade this mod helps. Great care is taken to remove only enough material to keep full structural integrity and optimize flow. There’s a good reason here at FK8TD we have the record for a G25 series kit on the OEM ecu. 614 whp would not have been possible without this intake manifold. Each manifold is purchased brand new and ported by hand. If you’re after every edge you can get the manifold is an absolute must.



Gaskets not included

Additional information

Weight 200 oz
Dimensions 400 × 400 × 400 mm


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