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The same high quality MAF housings now without the reduction for our 3.5″ G-series inlets. Available in both MAF (stock ECU) and MAF Delete (Motec/Speed Density) options.

These are not for OEM or OEM size inlets.

The MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor measures the incoming air into the engine which is crucial to the ECU’s operation. A correctly calibrated MAF is imperative to proper engine operation, even more so on the Bosch ECU’s found in the new Civic Type R’s that use a complex aircharge model.

Exceeding the limit of the 5 volts on a MAF sensor can create a scenario where damage can occur. This is because the ECU can no longer accurately calculate fuel requirements and torque calculations. This can lead to poor engine operations and eventually damage.

Here at FK8TD.com we have made up to 563whp running this version of the MAF housing on the oem ECU.

*Professional tuning required*

Please see our E-tune Service

Please check Rampage Fabrications website for inventory

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Weight 200 oz
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 200 mm


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