Drop in turbo install

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   Now you can come to us to have your drop in replacement turbo installed. The install includes calibration of your electronic wastegate. Don’t try to tackle it yourself and risk damaging your brand new turbo. Most often typical DIY installs end up with improper wastegate calibration, oil leaks, coolant leaks, and boost leaks. All of which can damage your brand new investment. With 23 years experience in automotive repair, building and customization you know it will be right.

Although we do not sell drop in turbos please we do have a preference for quality. There are only certain options we recommend.

Does not include fluids or gaskets which must be provided by the client. It is recommended to use Asian Blue coolant that is already 50/50 mix and oil type and weight vary to each engine set up.

Tuning is a separate service.

There is no warranty labor provided against defective products and it is the owners liability to pay for labor should a warranty issue arise.


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