Looking for internship for future hire! Read first!




       Looking for passionate individual with humble personality and driven to succeed long term.  Loyalty is an absolute must! Having previous experience is a benefit but not an absolute. This will be an entire business learning experience with huge advantage in latest methods in modern designs for achieving high horsepower. It will include the entire process which does mean how paperwork should be done. Must sign an NDS and non compete in order to start.  Anything you see here stays here and the hope is you will be here long term too. While I personally have set many records and pushed boundaries that’s not what this company is about.  It’s about driving to provide the best possible solutions at a reasonable price and be a positive part of the community.  Being positive is essential to succeeding but so is support. This business is to be a family of people not a rotating door.


   If you feel this is you please text to 843-516-0605.


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