Fk8TD GEN2 Injector Seal upgrade




    You must send your injectors in to have seals installed properly. If you choose to install them yourself, we are not responsible for seal damage or failure.

Gen2 seal has been tested above 800whp!

     Due to the high power levels the Fk8 is reaching, some cars have had injector combustion seal failure. This is the seal at the base of the injector that goes into the cylinder head. Don’t worry our FK8TD injectors already have these seals. If you had an injector seal fail, you will notice a loss of a cylinder. You may even hear a like sound coming from underneath your intake manifold. This sound will be like an exhaust leak and is an indication that you have blown out an injector seal. The seals are known to take the punishment of over 600 wheel horsepower repeatedly with no issues.

Most injector seal thickness measure out at .85 to .86 mm. Our seals are .95 to 96 mm and our material is stronger. We do not recommend someone else to install the seals as a requires special tools, and even with those tools many individuals will do it incorrectly. Thing service is for you to send in your injectors and we will install the upgraded seals properly. We also have another trick of our sleeves that will prevent any possible future failure. if you choose to install the seals yourself, we are not responsible for damaging seals. If you do not clean the cylinder head properly before install, you may damage the seal on install. We are not responsible for that either. We recommend you use some type of light lubrication to prevent scraping of the seal on install. Do not use harsh chemicals. The price is the same whether you send your injectors in for us to do it or if you decide to purchase the seals for yourself.

***This service does not include the cost of return shipping. That money must be sent in separately and shipping message, we use on return shipping are primarily USPS. UPS is an option, but we do not prefer this message. Return shipping cost will be determined based upon USPS or UPS price is not our own.***

Additional information

Weight 100 oz
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 mm


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