Fk8 Prl V3 Flex Fuel Line kit upgrade




Due to the design of the PRL V3 Flex fuel kit “Wi-Fi” it restricts flow even on a completely stock fuel system car. We have seen 15-20 whp less due to the lack of fuel reaching the high-pressure pump. Also, this kit gets in the way of many catch cans. We also took this into consideration and we have included additional hardware and instructions to easily modify fitment to allow for catch can use without the means of an additional bracket.

We have taken into consideration also that you may have a stock fuel pump, Hondata pump or even and XDI fuel pump. For this purpose the line comes with a high flow 90 coming out of the flex sensor in order to allow better manipulation of the line to connect to any of these different fuel pumps. This is the same high flow fitting that can support over 700whp of fuel and has proven over 650whp on E50 with the limiting factor only being the actual XDI pump.


*** YOU CAN NOT MODIFY YOUR BRACKET LIKE IN THE INSTRUCTIONS WITHOUT OUR LINE***It will not fit afterwards without using our line because the STOCK V3 kit uses connections that cannot be moved.





Additional information

Weight 100 oz
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 mm


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