RV6 R660 Fk8 DROP IN TURBO Upgrade




If you are after the highest quality drop in turbo that makes great power and doesn’t have backpressure issues look no further. The turbo is a ground up design with an oversized CHRA for durability, larger exhaust housing to reduce back pressure, point milled billet compressor wheel and the brand-new MAR M alloy turbine wheel. The turbo comes with oversized water lines and large AN fittings to ensure the turbo gets plenty of coolant flow. We managed 551whp on our FK8TD fuel system and it was repeatable again and again unlike other drop in turbos. Also, this was done on only 31 psi. This amount of power with this lower boost pressure level is due to the exhaust turbine housing flowing more reducing backpressure and cylinder heat. Other manufacturers kept the turbine housing entirely too small turbine housing causing pressure to back up and the heat generated creates a loss in ignition timing and becomes really evident when doing back-to-back runs on the Dyno. The higher backpressure of other drop in turbos can lead to valve float at higher RPM and the high heat trapped from the back pressure can damage valve guide seals, and with enough heat can cause piston damage from poor removal of the exhaust gasses from the cylinders.

With proper tuning from FK8TD.COM the spool difference between this turbo and a P600 is only 200 rpm later. Also thanks to less back pressure we were able to rev the engine to 7800 to greatly enhance the power range with no power drop off above 6800 unlike the P600. This essentially adds 1000 RPM of greater power over the P600.

For a direct boost pressure comparison, the P600 needed 33psi to make 530-535whp on the same exact car. Again, the higher boost needed to make power is due to backpressure. While their new design adds a larger compressor wheel it still doesn’t resolve the backpressure issue. The cars that make really big horsepower usually have a 1:1 back pressure ratio which leads to best turbo efficiency. Having a 2:1 backpressure at 28 psi at 6800 just doesn’t work for efficiency on these engines, which is where other drop in turbos start to fall short. The Stock camshafts can make power past 7500 rpm.

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Weight 400 oz
Dimensions 400 × 400 × 400 mm


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