SI & Civic Sport turbo Cylinder head porting




      Cylinder head porting on a direct injection motor takes a specialized talent and has big impact on power on Direct injection engines. Here at we have the world record for the Fk8 on a g series on a k20c1.  At 843whp and 41 psi using a g35-1050.  The SI is a completely different design, so this was taken into account. Valve seats aren’t cut like the FK8 and the exhaust pockets are highly restricted.  We cut a cylinder head in half to find the safe limits of porting to make sure no cracking can occur by getting too close to water jackets in the exhaust ports. The restricted exhaust ports lead to excessive cylinder pressure and loss of clean burn. The intake ports have a D shape have poor transitions to the circular area of the port. The valves are highly shrouded adding to the restriction. All these things are corrected to increase performance dramatically.  Great care was taken to keep tumble for Direct injection for drivability.


We highly recommend cutting valve seat option.


****The car must be tuned after installing a ported head****


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