FL5 stock turbo tune 93, 91,or ethanol

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FK8TD.COM  tuned the Fl5 with tr2 cams for Honda pro Jason at 4 piston racing please check the link below.

FL5 Civic Type R – 4P TR2 Camshaft Install and Dyno Test – 4 Piston Racing


 This 93 octane tune can easily  can add 30-40 whp over the Hondat basemap.  You know it will not only be powerful but also safe. If you are looking for a live E-tune please check out the e-tune service here’s. Ethanol and methanol available.

5/7/22 33psi 707whp first over 700 on flashpro no nitroustr2 cams Dynojet  224 winpep 8

8/14/22 35psi 762whp limited by software on tr2 cams first over 750 on flashpro Dynoijet 224 winpep 8

FIrst  documented over 800whp .  843 whp G35-1050 Motec 41 psi e50 and vp speed sauce ethanol version Dynojet 224 winpep 8



Any tune pushes a car beyond factory limits.


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