Xtreme DI 2000cc injectors



Now finally tested and tuned on multiple cars tuned by us here, the 2000cc injectors can now function running Hondata. Injectors are no longer the limit and so far on e50 we’ve been able to make 700whp.

Only we have been able to properly tune 2000cc injectors running Hondata on both ethanol and pump gas. E-tune Service READ DESCRIPTION FIRST – (fk8td.com)

We have done extensive testing on these injectors using Hondata and have run them long term. As usual we always test before releasing any informs and products. Many have tried and ended up with erratic idle, poor drivability and other issues which prevent them functioning with the software.

Please keep in mind that each car needs different adjustments to improve the drive-ability of the tune and there is no one perfect setting at this time. Tuning require a combination of multiple tables to function properly. Also we have tuned them using the Ctr Maf500 with a rampage fabrication g series MAF housing and also tuned them in combination with methanol on the shop vehicle here.

We take no responsibility of you chose to tune your car elsewhere and expect the injectors to function. If you just put the injector size in and expect it to work you will find yourself with a slew of issues. We can only tell you what we have done and tested here. We can not confirm any other tuners capabilities.

All 2000cc injectors are made to order.

Additional information

Weight 200 oz
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 200 mm


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