Fk8td OTS MAP stock turbo/stock fsu or hondata fsu W or WO MAF




*** The only way to receive this tune is DIRECTLY through us***


This 93 octane tune with can make up to 385whp and 400 ft lbs of torque with full bolt ons. Our e30 stock fuel system makes up to 415whp and 390 torque. The hondata fuel system e50 tune makes up to 440whp and 440 torque.  You know it will not only be powerful but also safe. If you are looking for a live E-tune please check out the e-tune service here’s. If you chose to do a log or send multiple logs and they outside of the specified range I request or ethanol content for he tune, I will still consider it counted added against your logs. I cannot make the proper adjustments if you do not listen to what I request.  Logs are not included without purchase.

per example.  You decide to roll into the throttle when I request full throttle at a specific rpm point how can I possibly make sure you don’t overrun the fuel system down low?

If I tell you to start at 2500 rpm and you start at 4000 rpm how can I tune below 4000 rpm?

This just wastes time and achieves nothing and will only result in an improper tune which will only result in dissatisfactory results. We strive on aiming for perfection and Fk8td holds all the tuning records on hondata except for nitrous and stock fuel system stretched beyond reason using methanol. Thats because those two things that aren’t done often.  Tr2 cams Fk8td ported head

5/7/22 33psi 707whp first over 700 on flashpro no nitroustr2 cams

8/14/22 35psi 762whp limited by software on tr2 cams first over 750 on flashpro.

ALL TUNES ARE FOR OFF OFF-ROAD USE ONLY. It is the owners responsibility to abide by the law. Any modification and tuning increases stress on components beyond the original design. You must enter your name in the box that you understand all tuning has risks involved for possible damage or shortening the life of drivetrain components. By entering your name in the box you agree you have read the policies are aware of the risks and will abide by the information presented on this page, the policies and that is not liable for damages. *****PUT AN X IN THE LAST BOX SO I KNOW YOU READ THIS********




**we do not combine ctr maf 500 with larger housing stock turbo because it only reduces resolution and reduces fueling accuracy. For this reason we only provide files for the ctr maf 500 on, prl street, afe, Mishimoto, Eventuri, and stock maf housings. There are NO REFUNDS. If you have a file and ask for a refund that is theft of services at that point.



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