Fk8 Full fuel system 6an line upgrade for Prl V1 V2 and more (custom requests)




NOW with inline stainless steel cleanable filter options and color options. Protect your high pressure pump and injectors from in tank filter failure!

Other flex fuel kits please message [email protected] for addition fittings to for different flex fuel kits.

Your factory fuel line maybe be 5/16 external diameter but that’s not a 6an line. 6an lines are 5/16 on the inside and the way the factory lines are made they roll the edges down further shrinking the fuel capabilities. A true 6an line like this is 5/16 on the inside diameter while the factory is much closer to 3/16 inch. That’s smaller than a 1/4 inch. Typically this is rated at 450 hp

Another crucial part that goes unchecked is fuel pulsations. If you hook up a fuel pressure gauge you will see the needle bounce rapidly. That’s partially due to the small size of the factory line. When the high pressure fuel pump internal piston is pushed up by the camshaft it is a pumping action which is part of the cause. The other part comes from the in tank pump factory regulator built into the fuel pump assembly. The small volume of fuel in the small line along with the line material transmits these pulses faster and harsher because there’s no volume or flexibility to the line to absorb this pulsing. This pulsing reduces flow to the high pressure fuel pump and in reaction decreases maximum capacity of your fuel system. Going to these larger 6an lines significantly reduces this pulsing action. During testing a fuel press regulator was attached to the line right next to the high pressure pump there was no jumping action of the needle just steady pressure.

This larger line can NOT cause a pressure drop. It’s the opposite effect. When the line is replaced it will take a few key cycles for the first start and a short time to get the air out of the line.

This kit is designed to be run with a flex fuel sensor.(sensor and fuel pump not included) It is compatible with Prl kit. Sirimoto kits will require an additional adapter which will be sold separately. If you wish to run the fuel feed line directly to the high pressure fuel pump please purchase the  feed line only. An adapter is sold separately to attach the feed line to either Hondata pump or a factory pump. If you have an Xtreme Di pump you can connect directly to the 6an connection on the pump. If you’ve already purchased a line kit that connects to Prl flex fuel kit you can buy just the feed line and connect it to your kit at the flex fuel sensor. If you purchased a Sirimoto flex fuel kit you will still need an adapter which is sold separately.



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Weight 300 oz
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 200 mm


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