Fk8 & Fl5 GEN2 Fuel System.

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Now with GEN2 high pressure line and Geb3.5 injectors. The new line design allows better high pressure control and more fuel. We have tons of dyno proof on many different dynos to show FK8td fuel system is the right choice.


highest HP Stock Engine Mhi state 2 Direct injection only on pump e50 at 549whp on a Dynojet. In combination with Fk8td fuel basket and ported fuel rail to maximize fuel flow.
No port, no meth just pump fuel.

NO the line isn’t larger and we do not release sizes . It’s just designed better.

This fuel system has made up to 582whp on e50!! That’s not a typo and on a  stock engine with a g25-660 turbo! No meth no motec no nitrous and running on Hondata.

Now with Gen3.5 injectors

NO ONE ELSE HAS OUR PROPRIETARY HIGH PRESSURE LINE PROVEN TO REDUCE DUTY CYCLE BY 10-15 PERCENT OVER ANY OTHER MANUFACTURER AND EVEN THOSE WHO ATTEMPTED TO COPY IT !! This has been also proven to increase injector output due to fuel reaching injectors more efficiently!

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Want an all in one solution to make up to 600whp or more? Want one proven to work properly on the oem ecu. Here it is. Starting with the Deatschwerks in tank pump with a rated pump pressure of 100 psi. The Fk8 operates over 80 psi and other in tank pumps have a pressure relief valve which causes them to overheat and drop pressure dangerously when nearing 500 hp. The stock fuel pump will not cut it either as it also starts to fade near 500 hp on e50. Next is our proprietary high pressure fuel line which has been proven to lower pump duty cycle as much as 10 percent over our competitors. The Xtreme-DI evo pump delivers 36 percent more fuel over the OEM pump giving the ability to make over 600 hp on direct injection only.  Topping off this upgrade is the FK8td injectors. The only injectors proven to make 583whp on stock engine on e50 SAE correction with a 1.00 correction factor. This setup is race proven and if you follow us on Instagram you’ve seen the proof.  As always here at FK8TD quality is always first. We do not believe in the philosophy of “that’s good enough”.

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