Fk8TD Fk8/FL5 GEN 3.5 hr 1450+ injector 2150cc at 220 bar




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UPDATED DESIGN NOW ALLOWS 240 bar operating pressure!
What does this do you ask? An additional 100cc of fuel over previous injector!

Real world Tested Base flow is 1430cc at 100 bar but peak flow at 240bar is  2246cc. The previous gen3 2150cc limit due to 220 bar pressure limit.

Fk8td injectors have been proven to perform on many Dyno’s showing proof of legitimacy.


Gen3.5 Also include upgraded injector tension locks making sure they’ll never move around under the highest of hp. Moving around can create lower injector seal blowout which is something that’s also been upgrade. The injector compression seal has been proven to hold over 800whp on the shop car with no signs of injector seal  blowout.

Don’t be fooled by other companies who do not test spray patterns. Fk8td, Xtreme DI, Hondata, and 4 piston racing are the current companies who test spray pattens and verify flow rates. There have been ZERO issues with piston or head gaskets using FK8td injectors. Other companies who do not test patterns have had multiple head gasket failures and piston damage due to incorrect spray pattern which causes hot spots in the  cylinder and damages pistons and head gaskets and can cause pre ignition and detonation!

New pre-filter design the Gen3.5

The combustion seal is now upgraded and can handle higher boost levels.

Proven to up to 582whp  on E50 on a stock engine with a g25-660 turbo!!! Yes 582!! I’ve made up to 540whp on an mhi stage 2 on completely stock motor as well.  This was with a smaller intercooler getting hot  and possibly up to 550 on mhi stage 2 without cams could be within reach.

This is the highest flowing drop in injector that functions properly running Hondata and Ktuner. Please don’t be fooled by our competitor who claims the sane flow rate they DO NOT USE THE SAME INJECTOR!!
Our 139lb hr  injector has significant advantages over our competitors, The injectors have an upgraded spray pattern that reduces hot spots in the cylinders. This not only allows for more ignition timing and power. Dyno proven to add 5-10whp on 93 octane running stock turbo with no additional boost and as much as 20-30 hp on upgraded turbo compared to competitors injectors of similar flow rate The injectors have been proven with an e50 blend to make up to  582whp  on a totally stock internal engine and with far better fueling accuracy. The injectors are capable of over 600+whp using race gas.


When fuel system is maintained properly we have seen zero failures.

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Additional information

Weight 300 oz
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 300 mm

12 month 12,000 mile limited warranty

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