K20c JE Pro seal headgasket




This gasket is a big upgrade compared to OEM gasket. Tested to 640wherp torque and 843whp with no issues or signs of degradation. The JE pro seal has a built in fire ring and is heat treated after embossing so that the gasket holds its spring back tension to ensure sealing. Other gaskets are not heat treated after embossing and often tend to loss embossing under heat cycles and when using upgraded head bolts due to higher clamp loads. Testing has shown this to be the case with other gasket manufacturers using regular arp or 625 studs This does not happen with a JE pro seal. The gasket even after 10k miles still had embossing using 625 studs and perfect sealing.

Gasket fits all k20c1 & k20c4 engines such as Fk8 FL5 DE5 Accord 2.0, RDX 2.0.

***CAN NOT be used with an engine with O-rings. NO EXCEPTIONS***

It’s not recommended for larger than 86mm bore as the  gasket lists as 86.4mm however after use it still measured 87.5mm diameter. If your bore is larger than 86mm use we do not suggest use.

The gasket will leave an imprint on the cylinder head where the Fire ring is and must the head machined every time you remove the head.  This is not bad when it comes to higher hp application it simply means the combustion would have to go over the groove in order to blow the gasket which makes it a much better combustion seal. Shown in second picture.

Additional information

Weight 30 oz
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 300 mm


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