Methanol Harness /TR3 / keford stage 2 Harness




     This harness gives the ability to tune TR3 cams with no Maf Sensor on Hondata and can be used for much larger amounts of methanol. Also is now available to use with Kelford stage 2 cans. Stage 1 and drop in Kelford does NOT require the harness . I have tested over 2000cc of methanol in direct port with this harness.  The harness is made of milspec wiring and the highest quality connectors available. Even the splices and shrink wrap are milspec.  This ensures clean fitment and highest signal strength while having the best electrical shielding possible. Thanks to the milspec wire shielding the signal wire looks small however is as large as the oem.  No corners cut here and no need to do anything but plug it in to start usage.  This allows fuel to be changed in reference to your boost level rather than an on off switch.


***This cannot be combined with a flex fuel kit but you can still tune using ethanol, but you must change files for larger than 10 percent difference in content. ***

Additional information

Weight 100 oz
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 mm


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