NGK CUSTOM Colder Heat Range Iridium Plug





All Plugs are pre-gapped to .020

Tested to over 700whp on a Dynojet

. A true one step colder iridium spark plug. Colder plugs do NOT mean less spark!! Motec Data has shown less noise during high cylinder pressure high ignition timing testing! Testing has also shown to reduce knock retard in higher hp application due reduction in knock by pre ignition events. This can allow leaner mixtures compared to port injection where many direct injection systems run optimally. Special high current terminals have been added to the plugs to maximize spark under high boost levels. This can allow more power to be made by not having overcool the combustion chamber just to prevent pre ignition from a spark plug that runs too hot. Also where pre ignition would occur normal more ignition timing can often be added! Thanks to the upgraded high conductive terminal increased spark helps clean combustion.

These plugs are not superior or inferior to the Ruthenium plug but rather more application preference. Both have proven to make the same exact hp just the colder plug will tolerate longer time periods of high heat like track days or multiple runs in a row. These are applicable to any of the increased boost applications with the difference being we do not suggest for those who only travel for very short periods of time.  Short runs will not allow the plug to reach optimal temp and may cause temporary fouling. You can clear the fouling by giving the car a good run. You don’t need to replace them unless you neglect this simple rule repeatedly.


*************We use a Proprietary terminal nut on the plug so DO NOT REMOVE OR CHANGE IT as it will decrease the performance of the spark plug**********************

Additional information

Weight 100 oz
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 mm


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