Fk8 FL5 ported turbo outlet

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This is a great option for those with a big turbo really trying to push the limits on the Fk8 using drop in turbos.. Power gains are mostly at the highest demand area which is higher in the rev range where the turbo struggles the most. Turbo responsiveness is also increased due to less pressure backing up in the compressor housing. Great care is taken to only remove enough material safely and remove the casting flash internally.

On an Rv6 R660 drop with an engine  that was built for a customer 580whp was made on a measly 28 psi! The car had an FK8td ported head and Tr2 cams a simple piston and rod combination.  It made over 570whp from 7000rpm all the way to 8000rpm.


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Weight 200 oz
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 200 mm


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