K20c1 Cylinder head porting




 WE HAVE THE WORLD RECORD HP FOR Hondata TR2 CAMS at 762whp! Turbo only no nitrous

Also dynojet  documented  Record 843whp  here!! Turbo only No nitrous


Both records were set by a street port head!!
Cylinder head porting is one of the biggest power gains you can make on an Fk8. Especially if you want to get the most out of your turbo without over stressing it. Why run 34-35 psi to make 575 when you can do it on 27. That’s not a typo. Using a g25-660 with a .92AR housing we made 574.3whp to be exact.

With an Rv6 660 using a race port head the car made 576 uncorrected on only 28 psi! Again on Hondata on a dynojet. 


One big advantage to hand porting is the ability to compensate for casting imperfections that a CNC machine can’t tell are there . Having the ability to polish the extremely difficult exhaust port internals on these cylinder heads can only be done by hand.

While yes we did make 550whp on the stock engine it took a really high 33.5 psi to make it. It took 6 less psi to make an additional 24whp with the ported head. That’s a very large reduction in turbo stress and less work the intercooler has to do to keep up with the heat.

Please keep in mind a ported cylinder head requires significant tuning adjustments to take advantage of the power available. Even stock turbo cars can benefit greatly from a ported cylinder head when it is properly done.

Our unique porting service helps keep low lift airflow and some tumble properties so that you do not lose low end torque. Turbo spool is reduced 500-700rpm and response time was dramatically improved. The exhaust exit radius  from the cylinder head is changed to allow better exhaust air transition out of the cylinder head.

Shipping is billed separate and must be paid when the cylinder head is completed.


Prices are based upon a stripped cylinder head. Please Do not send us your cylinder head with camshafts or any other parts on them if you do not wish to rebuild your cylinder head.



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