Pracworks Carbon Fiber Intake manifold

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The Pracworks manifold was tested on the ship car and made an amazing 80whp more at 6800 rpm and a peak of 35whp more!  This was at 31.5-32 psi. These values are also UNCORRECTED which is actual true wheel horsepower during the actual run. 1-1.5 psi less between 4500-7000 and within .5 psi up top. Less ignition timing also.
Your  car MUST be tuned afterwards to prevent excessive torque ouput and prevent knock.
Shop car is Ported head, Tr3 cans and precision 6466.
Xdi pump
Xdi 2000cc injectors
Fully built by

Results may vary depending on set up but guaranteed power increase when tuned properly.Either way you will make more on less boost pressure.

This product does NOT require motec, can be tuned on Hondata easily and should be installed by a professional. Rerouting of vacuum lines is required and moving of bypass solenoid and rear catch can may be required.


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Weight 400 oz
Dimensions 400 × 400 × 400 mm


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