Fk8 Rampage Fab g25-660 Turbo Kit




    Rampage Fabrication is the best company to buy your turbo kit from. The turbo kits are always drop in ready and the turbo comes pre clocked so the hard work is done for you. Don’t buy turbo kits that you have to piece together. By the time your done you’ll end up spending more. We’ve made over 600whp tuning Rampage Turbo kits on multiple cars.  The g25-660 is capable of supporting 600whp and we’ve proven that making 614whp on our shop car.

    Please message for availability. Kits are often available within one week.

***Due to supply chain issues resulting from the global COVID19 pandemic, there are no lead times on fabricated products.****

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(Rampage Fabrication Description)

The all-new Garrett-based turbo kit for the FK-8 Type-R Civic is here! Starting with the all-new internally gated G25-660 .72 a/r turbo, we then hand-fabricate the 3″ intake, 3″ 304ss downpipe, and 2″ aluminum charge pipe. These components all terminate in OEM locations for the greatest compatibility with other aftermarket parts like intercoolers and charge piping, exhausts, and airboxes.

One of the key features of this kit is that it re-uses the factory electronic wastegate which makes it tune-able on most if not all stock ECU-based programs. Stand-alone tuning is also possible and can be done with either the OEM EWG or mechanical/spring actuators in conjunction with an electronic boost   (Rampage Fabrication Description)


Additional information

Weight 800 oz
Dimensions 800 × 800 × 800 mm


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