Diagnostics cost per hour.




  1. I am a ASE certified diagnostic tech.

This service is to help determine the proper route in order to fix your problem. You may need access to a proper scanner beyond hondata or other software. Hondata while decent is very limited in full ecu data access .

     You must follow directions specifically if you wish to possibly resolve your issue. If you deviate from the process it will hinder fixing the car. The more limited you are on your end the more limited the process becomes please keep this in mind. Just because someone tunes software doesn’t mean they are great diagnostic technicians. This is where FK8td has an extra understanding into both sides due to long experience in both fields. Have all software, scanners, tools, extra persons, and vehicle lifting equipment ready.

This description is also an agreement of terms

Time starts when the phone call starts please use your tune wisely. If you have a video or description I will look at it before the call but not before payment.

This service is not refundable.


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