FK8td 6an Accord Pre flex fuel line upgrade for PRL system


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This is only from the factory line to the flex fuel kit. This does not contain the line from the sensor to the high pressure pump. The inline filter can not be added here.

PRL Flex fuel kit is a great add on to any Accord 2.0t. However with any rubber lines regardless of quality with enough time and ethanol, it will degrade. The Oem fuel line is a minimum of 5/16 or 8mm. Unfortunately due to the fittings required to make the Prl Flex fuel kit cost effective a 1/4 or 6.35mm hose was used. There has also been some cases in which the line has degraded and broken down. This sends rubber particles through the high pressure fuel pump. The oem fuel pump can not be disassembled rendering them unusable. Yes the factory low pressure fuel line is rubber but on the outside. It has a special layer inside the factory formed hose and is not a hose you can buy anywhere to make. This is still not rated for high ethanol concentrations.

Combining this with one of our Modified high pressure lines we have managed 428whp   no methanol and running 91 octane mixed to e30.


This Top quality fuel line upgrade will never break down from fuel. The outside is braided Stainless Steel with Nylon Braiding on top. The internal part of the hose is solid PTFE core. PTFE is compatible with e85, alcohol fuels, gas, race gas, oil, coolant, and even brake fluid. The 6AN fuel has a rated working pressure of over 3000psi. Yes 3000psi. So pretty much no matter what you put in it or spill on it, it will NOT degrade.


Every fitting is billet with Factory Style quick connects designed to be mounted for a perfect to the Prl Flex Fuel kit.







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Weight 1001 oz
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 mm


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