NEW Fk8TD GEN 3 1430cc injector upgrade.


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Thanks to a new pre-filter design the Gen3 is now  1430cc rated. The combustion seal is now upgraded and can handle higher boost levels.

Proven to up to 582whp  on E50 on a stock engine with a g25-660 turbo!!! Yes 582!!

This is the highest flowing drop in injector that functions properly running Hondata and Ktuner. The closest competitor is 1350cc.
Our 1430cc  injector has significant advantages over our competitors, The injectors have an upgraded spray pattern that reduces hot spots in the cylinders. This not only allows for more ignition timing and power. Dyno proven to add 5-10whp on 93 octane running stock turbo with no additional boost and as much as 20-30 hp on upgraded turbo compared to competitors injectors. The injectors have been proven with an e50 blend to make up to  582whp  on a totally stock internal engine and with far better fueling accuracy. The injectors are capable of over 600+whp using race gas.

Email is for our tuning services and get the most out of your FK8.

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Weight 100 oz
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 200 mm

12 month 12,000 mile limited warranty

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