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If you want an honest answer about your tune or something that might be happening that you’d like to confirm we’ve got you covered.  Do you think you might be getting misfires from your car being pushed too far? Do you feel maybe your cars tune isn’t to its full potential?  Do you think there’s too much knock?

3 logs are included. 1st check . 2nd check log and 3rd check.
It is the clients responsibility to attempt to fix an issue, if there is one visible from your logs. If you chose to send a log without attempting to fix something such as a boost leak that log will be counted as the next log. After 2 weeks from initial log the service is no longer valid.

     If there is a tune issue and you wish to tune through us we will credit you the log review fee towards your tune within 2 weeks of log overview purchase. After 2 weeks the fee is not credited towards the tune.  I can not tune cars properly that have problems such as boost leaks, excessive fuel pressure drops from non tune issues, ect.  Pre-existing issues must be resolved first.  

Codes such as  p2261, p0087, p02ce are physical issues not tune issues. They are NOT to be deleted via tuning. I will not delete valid codes because if I did I’d be doing you a disservice.

I can not physically plug connectors  back in for from here or adjust things such as your wastegate.  If you happen to install something and you got a check engine light go over your install, then clear the codes and check again. This is the best advice I can give you because in 20+ years not once have I seen a sensor go bad cause of a upgraded physical part.  Check engine lights codes do NOT  turn themselves off. You must manually clear them. They always remain in history codes even when there is not a light on the dashboard. 


Too many people are coming to me for  and it’s eating into the time of paying customers. That’s not fair to the customer paying for the time.  Please respect that I spent more than half my life in this career and my experience is what you are paying for. I do not expect you to work for free either.


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